04/21/2023 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.77

This release includes enhancements, fixes, training course updates, and phishing kit updates.


Training portal quiz translations

The True, False options and the Previous, Next buttons in the training portal quizzes now translate to the languages in which the courses were created. The table provides the language translation for each item.


Here is an example of the quiz items that will be translated.



Organization search on the Training Portal page has been optimized

The organization search feature on the Training Portal page has been optimized, resulting in better performance. You perform a search the same way, but results are provided much quicker than they were previously.

New Partner Organization list added to the Targets page (portfolio users only)

For portfolio users, a new Partner Organization list has been added to the Targets page. The list includes the portfolio's partners, direct MMEs, and the MME's partners.

Previously, portfolios with a large number of targets experienced a delay before target information was displayed. By selecting one organization, target information for that organization is displayed much quicker.

When you navigate to the Targets page, the Targets table is empty and the filter bar is not available.


Once you select an organization in the Partner Organization list, the table populates and the filter bar is available.

Security Awareness Training Report email improvements

The template for the automated Security Awareness Training Report email has been updated to produce a more professional, visually appealing email.



  • Issue: When you included the [now] variable in your phishing and training email templates, the date and time in the email invitations was displayed in the Eastern time zone regardless of the time zone selected when creating a campaign. 
    Fix: Email invitations will now display the date and time for the time zone selected at the time of campaign creation. Also, the time zone is listed next to the local time. 

    In this example, the date and time is displayed for the Central European Summertime (CEST) time zone.


  • Issue: Users experienced formatting issues in the Security Awareness Training Report email they received. These issues also occurred when the email was forwarded. 
    Fix: The template for creating the email has been updated, resolving the formatting issues.


Training courses update

Two new training courses are now available in the Training portal:

  • Introduction to Password Security: Learn why password security is more important than you think with a real-life example of the damage that cybercriminals can do with one stolen password.

  • Ransomware Basics: Learn the basics of ransomware including how it works and the damage it can do to your company.


Plus, each of these courses is available in the Latin American Spanish, Canadian French, and Portuguese (Brazil) languages. 

To quickly find these new courses in the Training portal, select Global Course for the Associated Organization filter and select the Only hot filter.


Phishing kits update

Three new phishing kits are available. Each is listed below along with an image of its email template and landing page.

  • DropBox - Suspicious Login v2

  • Microsoft Account Suspended v2
  • Microsoft Quarantined Email v2

To quickly find these new kits on the Phishing Kits page, select Global Kit for the Associated Organization filter and select the Only hot filter.





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