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04/06/2023 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.76

This release includes enhancements and fixes.


Randomized targets for phishing campaigns 

Now, when creating more than one phishing campaign for the same group, the order in which the emails are sent to the targets will change for each campaign. The randomizing of targets will help bring an element of surprise to phishing campaigns. 

Here is an example of the first scheduled campaign for a group. 


In the second campaign for the same group, notice the targets are in a different order.


Common look and feel enhancements

The following improvements have been made so BullPhish ID has a common look and feel with other Kaseya products: 

  • Selected menu items are highlighted and the item text is bolded.
  • Widget loading icons on the Dashboard are now bigger and displayed in the middle of each widget.
  • Various font, toggle alignment, and other formatting updates were made to the Organizations page. 

Cooper Insights for Graphus update

Now, only users that have BullPhish ID and Graphus will receive Graphus-related Cooper Insights.  Previously, users that did not have the Graphus product were being assigned Graphus-related Cooper Insights.


  • Issue: After deleting a group, targets from that group were hidden on the Targets page. When creating new groups, the targets were unavailable. 
    Fix: After a group is deleted, targets from that group remain listed on the Targets page. When creating new groups, the targets are available. 


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