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March 30, 2023


New Incident Suppression Feature Reduces Unwanted Alerts

The new Incident Suppression feature lowers the “noise” of unwanted alerts by providing administrators the ability to create flexible rules based on details and attributes from within an incident. Incident Suppression can be applied at the MSP level or for specific groups of customers. Additionally, rules can be applied to run for a specific timeframe (i.e., only apply for the next 30 days) to make it easy to accommodate temporary changes with infrastructure or employees.

For more details on how to use this exciting new feature refer to this article.


Introducing the Kaseya Common Look and Feel

This release introduces new UI elements to better align with Kaseya's design guidelines. It's a fresh new look that we really like. The following elements have been revamped.

  • Left Navigation
  • Header
  • Icons
  • Fonts
  • Toggles
  • Buttons
  • File Uploader
  • Help

New Help Menu 

Along with the numerous Common Look and Feel updates we've streamlined access to help and important information about the platform.




From the Header click on the ? icon, which displays the new help options.

From here you have quick access to the following:

  • Knowlege Base - Wealth of KB Articles describing how to use the platform
  • Contact the SOC - Provides important contact information for communicating with the SOC
  • Release Number - This field will be updated as new releases are deployed. RocketCyber Release Numbers are styled as REL-(DATE)-(BUILD)
  • What's New - Links to the RocketCyber What's New Page which highlights new feature announcements



Fixed an issue causing certain versions of Windows Build numbers to be reported incorrectly.





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