How to enable and configure the Amazon Web Services monitoring


Amazon Web Services is a collection of remote computing services (also called web services) that together make up a cloud computing platform, offered over the Internet by The most central and well-known of these services are Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. The service is advertised as providing a large computing capacity (potentially many servers) much faster and cheaper than building a physical server farm.



Locating your AWS Account’s Access Key:

  • Sign in using your account credentials

  • In the body of the page you will be presented with a section called Access Credentials

  • Copy your Access Key ID (or create a new one) into the VSAX Manager

  • Click the “Show” link in the right of the Access Key Field to show the Secret Access Key

  • Copy your Secret Access Key into VSAX and click on Test Connection to verify it


How to enable Notifications for the Amazon Web Services monitoring

Inside the “Amazon” tab you may opt in to receive a notification when alarms get triggered.


Note: The check for triggered alarms is performed every 15 minutes.




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