How to enable and configure monitoring for Active Directory (AD)


A lot of companies that use Active Directory are having trouble managing it. VSAX is here to help you overcome the problem. To enable Active Directory monitoring just enable it from the Server Modules tab in the VSAX Manager.





Note: If “Require users to change their password at next logon after a password reset” is checked note that after each password reset of a user via VSAX the user’s password will be marked to be changed at next logon. Until the user changes the password Windows Server by design denies any security logins to Windows Shares,Exchange Mailboxes and all other Active Directory Based logins. A user with its password marked for changing is the same as a user with an expired password.


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How to enable notifications for the AD .

Also in the Active Directory tab you can choose to be notified whenever an active directory user gets locked out.





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