How to enable main notifications


Status notifications are:

  • Device Offline

  • Public IP changed

  • Computer started

  • Computer shutting down

  • Entering suspended state

  • Resumed a suspended state

  • Battery low

  • User logged in

  • User logged out

  • Updates available

  • Application installed

  • Application uninstalled

  • Removable disk inserted

  • Removable disk ejected

  • S.M.A.R.T. disk error detected

  • Antivirus disabled

  • Antivirus outdated

  • Firewall disabled

  • Reboot pending



To enable a notification, in the "Server Admin > Endpoint Policies > System > Status" section of the Web App, just enable the box before its label and save the policy.





You can also configure these settings on the VSAX Agent itself. However, the Web App Policy settings (if applied to the same machine) will always take precedence over the individual agent settings.


Also, Policies are naturally more convenient for applying such monitoring rules, as they can be applied to multiple machines simultaneously.


To configure this setting on the Agent, go to the "Notifications > Status" tab. The changes will be applied in real time, no computer or service restart is required.





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