How to configure the SSL certificate monitoring and enable notifications for it


Using SSL Certificate Monitoring you can keep track of your certificates on local and remote hosts in one two easy steps. You can monitor any server that you can connect to and uses SSL connection.





To monitor a SSL certificate click on Add button and fill in the following fields:

  • Server Name (Hostname of the server)

  • Port (Port of the service you wish to monitor)





Description automatically generated


You will be informed when:

  • A certificate has expired, is no longer trusted (revoked) or has become invalid.

  • A certificate will expire soon.

  • The certificate is valid however does not secure the identify of specified host.


Enable notifications for SSL certificate monitoring.





If you opted to monitor a website or a SSL Certificate you can enable the following notifications:Notification if a monitored SSL Certificate has expired or the expiration date is less than a configured amount of days.


Notification if a website becomes unavailable after a configured amount of minutes.


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