How to configure the Web Sites Monitoring and enable Notifications for it.


Sometimes port and service monitoring is not enough to monitor a website. Maybe the content got moved and the web server is returning a 404 error code or the service is down due to an invalid configuration and returns 503 error code. With web site monitoring you can monitor your web sites by testing the return codes.





To monitor a web site click on Add button and fill in the following fields:

  • Name (A friendly name for the website that will be displayed on the device)

  • URL (Target URL that will be tested. URL must contain the protocol)

  • Method (HEAD or GET)



Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated



Enable notifications for the Web Sites Monitoring





If you opted to monitor a website or a SSL Certificate you can enable the following notifications:Notification if a monitored SSL Certificate has expired or the expiration date is less than a configured amount of days.


Notification if a website becomes unavailable after a configured amount of minutes.


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