Enable User Support Request


User Support Request permits users to request support from a system administrator with just one click. VSAX administrators will receive a notification and will have the ability of a live chat with the user. Using VSAX's management tools an administrator can quickly identify and resolve even complex problems with ease while on the go using just the mobile clients.


The user support request setting can be configured in the "Server Admin > EndPoint Policies > System > User Sessions" section of the Web App.




You can also configure this setting on the VSAX Agent itself. However, the Web App Policy settings (if applied to the same machine) will always take precedence over the individual agent settings.


Also, Policies are naturally more convenient for applying such monitoring rules, as they can be applied to multiple machines simultaneously.


To configure this setting on the Agent, go to the "System > User Sessions" tab.


Note: You need to have VSAX User Agent enabled in order to use User Chat!

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