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How to install the VSA 10 agent on Debian Linux


Open up your terminal (a ssh connection will work too) and run the linux installer.


Or if your operating system is working on 32 bit architecture:


Then start the installation process:

dpkg -i vsax_x64.deb
dpkg -i vsax_x86.deb


Then in order to register the VSA 10 agent on this system with your VSA 10 server, you will need to run this executable:

This executable should already be added to the path on your system. Therefore you should be able to run it from any place; however, if that doesn't work, then you will find it in the following folder

If the VSA 10 service is not started automatically, then please run the following command:
systemctl start vsax

In order to configure the VSA 10 agent on the Ubuntu system, open the config.xml file on the system for editing using your favorite text editor (vim, nano, etc.) and edit it according to the requirements:
vim /etc/vsax/config.xml


Once the customization is completed, you will need to restart the VSA 10 service to load the new config file.

systemctl restart vsax

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