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How to install the VSA 10 agent on Windows


Windows Pre-requirement -Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0:

Before you start downloading VSA 10 you need to know what your windows architecture is.


To find out whether you’re running a 64bit or a 32bit operating system you need to go to Control Panel and go to System. There you will need to look for your System Type as shown in the picture below.





After you find your system architecture go to and download the appropriate version for your system: VSA 10 for Windows x64 (64 bit) or the x86 (32 bit).


The "Downloads" section has MSI Files for all supported OS and their different architectures.



While downloading an MSI, VSA 10 asks for the Organization, Site and Agent Group of the required installer, so as to provide a customized file for those specifications.




Once the Org/Site/Agent group is specified, VSA 10 provides the option to directly download the MSI and also to obtain a download link to the MSI.


This download link eliminates the need to attach a whole Installer file to an e-mail. You can simply share the MSI download link with Customers over e-mail, who can deploy the Agent onto their systems with ease.




After you downloaded the installer follow the instructions on the setup screen and a VSA 10 icon will be automatically created on your Desktop.

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