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03/27/2023 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.75

This release includes new features, enhancements, and fixes.

New Features

IT Glue Integration - syncing contacts

You can now sync your IT Glue contacts (aka Targets) to BullPhish ID using contact sync functionality.

The main tasks you perform to implement the new contact sync feature are selecting the contact types you want to sync and importing the contact information from IT Glue into BullPhish ID.

Sync Settings

The Sync Settings button on the Integrations > IT Glue page displays the modal for selecting contact types. Based on your selections, Targets from IT Glue will be continuously synced to BullPhish ID groups created with the same name as the contact type.


You select Contact Types on the Contacts tab.

Add from IT Glue

You can enable syncing of organizations and contacts at the same time using the Add from IT Glue option on the Organization Sync tab.

Contact Sync tab

With the Contacts Sync tab, you can sync contacts for organizations that were previously synced or if contact types were not selected when syncing the organization.

For information about syncing your IT Glue contacts with BullPhish ID, see the article IT Glue integration - syncing contacts.

Central location for creating email templates

A new Email Templates item has been added to the Settings menu. Now you can create, edit, and delete custom phishing and training email templates from a central location.

You can use pre-existing global templates provided by BullPhish ID or use a template previously created by your organization. In addition, you can create your own phishing and training email templates from scratch.

See the article Creating a custom email template from a central location.

Training template Save and Set functionality

New save and set functionality has been implemented when creating training templates only. The Save & Set button saves your template and redirects you to the Email Templates tab on the Training Portal page. Here you assign your newly created template so it can be used for all training emails.



All of Partner's SMBs available in Organization list

Previously on the Dashboard, after a partner selected an SMB in the Organization list, the list would not show the other SMBs belonging to the partner. Now, after selecting an SMB, all of the SMBs belonging to the partner are available the next time the Organization list is accessed.



  • Issue: When training campaign emails were resent while the campaign was running, any deactivated targets were still receiving the emails.
    Fix: Deactivated targets no longer receive emails resent while the campaign is running.
    In this example, all active targets will receive the resent email, except for the first one, which is deactivated. 
    The modal displayed when the Resend Training button is clicked has been updated to convey that campaigns in progress are resent to active targets only.

New Tutorials

The following tutorials are now available in the BullPhish ID platform:

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