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BMS Reports | Committed field in Ad-Hoc Reports


You can add Committed field as a field in Ad Hoc Reports and generate any report of your choice. 

Generating an Ad-Hoc Report with Committed Field

  1. Go to Reports > Ad Hoc Reports.
  2. Under Reports, go to Personal Reports > snack bar > New > Select one of the reports. Let's assume we have selected Express Reports.
  3. By default, the page takes you to the Name tab. Enter the name of the report.
  4. Next go to Categories tab.
  5. Expand Inventory.
  6. Click Products.
  7. Go to the next tab Sorts. The Sorts tab will show all the fields that are related to Products. You can click any fields under the Products. For example, you can click Committed Qty. You can see the Committed quantity in Inventory > Products > Manage Products > list of products in the grid. You can see Committed quantity as a column in this grid.
  8. Go to the next tab Filters. Select appropriate filters.
  9. Go to the next tab Layout. The Layout tab shows the format of the report, how the report will appear after it is generated.
  10. Once you click Layout, you will see different data fields from the Product. Click the field and move it to the right using the ->. At this point, you can change text, font, font size, align, change the color of text etc. You can add page header, page footer, and grand total as well.
  11. At this point, you can generate a report by clicking Run Report (on the top right) directly. The report will be generated.

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