9.5.16 Feature Release - 22nd March 2023

The VSA 9.5.16 Feature Release (build includes enhancements and fixes described in the topics below. For minimum system and agent requirements, see these topics in the Kaseya R95 System Requirements Guide: Kaseya Server Minimum Requirements & Configuration and Agent Minimum Requirements

Release Schedule 

  • SaaS Deployment starts - Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023
  • SaaS Deployment completed - Saturday, May 13th, 2023
  • General Availability (On-Prem customers) - Thursday, May 18th, 2023 - available now

(last updated May 18th, 2023)

Note: SaaS customers will be informed of their maintenance window via https://status.kaseya.net

Dates are subject to change at short notice. On-prem customers are advised to check this page again prior to attempting an upgrade.

Important Security Updates

This release contains important security updates. We recommend that on-premises customers upgrade as soon as possible (No action is required for SaaS customers as updates are automatically applied).  

  • Updated OpenSSL library used by Edge service to v1.0.2zg to remediate multiple vulnerabilities disclosed in this advisory.
  • Updated .NET SQL client to remediate a Microsoft information disclosure vulnerability (CVE-2022-41064)
  • Fixed a SQL injection vulnerability.


Agent This release requires agent version After upgrading from an earlier VSA version, you must update your Windows, macOS, and Linux agents using the Automatic or Manual update process from the Agent module. Agents updated to this version cannot be used to communicate with servers running VSA versions prior to 9.5.8. 
Live Connect Application  When starting a Live Connect or Remote-Control session for the first time after installing this release, you will be prompted with a link to download the latest Live Connect build. You must complete the installation before proceeding with the session.
Software Management

This release includes updates to the Software Management client code. Each managed machine will download 120 MB of file updates during the first patch scan or deployment cycle after installing the VSA update. The files will be sourced from a Kaseya download server (SaaS only), the VSA server, or a peer endpoint machine on the local network which already has the files. Recommendations to mitigate the impact on network bandwidth: 

  1. (SaaS only) allow outbound internet access from managed machines to download.kaseya.com to optimize file download performance.
  2. Use distribution windows in Scan and Deployment profiles to avoid excessive concurrent downloads. 
  3. On larger networks, schedule a patch scan on a small selection of endpoints in advance of the main scan and deployment windows, to leverage peer-to-peer file transfer and reduce the impact on internet bandwidth



BMS Integration

  • Improved reliability of BMS integration by adding retry logic for situations where the BMS server is temporarily offline, or communication is lost.

Live Connect

  • Improved performance of file transfers between admin and endpoint machines using Live Connect.

Live View 

  • Added Enable Live View checkbox to System > User Settings > Preferences.  
    • If checked, LiveView will be displayed instead of Quick View when hovering over the status icon for Windows agents. Quick View can be accessed using ALT + hover. 
    • If unchecked, Quick View will be displayed when hovering over the status icon for all agents. Live View can be accessed for Windows agents using ALT + hover. 
    • For macOS or Linux agents, Quick View will be displayed with either configuration.

Ransomware Detection 

  • Updated Ransomware detection engine to v1.1.4.

Software Management

  • Added an upgrade wizard to guide you through the upgrade process to Software Management 2.0. 

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  • Added functionality to patch Windows machines with restricted internet access. Both OS patching and 3rd-Party Software patching are supported.
    The Scan and Analysis profile now includes a File Source configuration. There are three options: 

    • Internet (default) - each Windows-managed machine downloads patches from the internet or WSUS server. 
    • VSA Server (on-premises only) - the VSA server downloads patch installers from the internet and pushes them to the machine being patched.
    • LAN Cacheif the machine being patched is assigned to a LAN Cache, the LAN Cache machine downloads patch installers from the internet and pushes them to the machine being patched.
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  • The Software Management > Management > Machines page is no longer auto-refreshed.
  • For all new VSA tenants, Kaseya 1.0 Scan profile is disabled. 
  • Split the Software Management > Management > Vulnerabilities page into two tabs:  
    • Missing: displays all Unapplied Patches. Grid is filterable by the Machines/View filters which already exist on the page. 
    • Installed: provides the full list of all discovered patches within a given tenant. Grid is filterable by the Machines/Views filters, which already exist on the page. 

VSA 10 Content Migration

  • Created new API routes to enable content migration to VSA 10 : 
    • GET /automation/agentprocs/proclist - returns a list of user-created Agent Procedures.
    • GET /automation/agentprocs/proclist/history - returns execution results of user-created Agent Procedures.
    • GET /monitorset/getAll - returns a list of Monitor Sets.
    • GET /monitoring/monitorset/getmonset/{MSId} - returns a Monitor Set definition.
    • GET /monitoring/monitorset/getmonsetxml/{MSId} - returns a Monitor Set definition in XML format.
    • GET /policy - returns a list of Policies.
    • GET /policy/{policyId} - returns a Policy definition

VSA 10 Upgrade Messaging

  • Customers who are eligible for upgrade to VSA 10 will have Product Information messages displayed on login to their VSA 9 instance with important information to guide them through the on-boarding and transition process, including:
    • links to demos and training materials.
    • a target date for when the next milestone should be completed.
  • Messages will be targeted to Master and System role users, for eligible customers only.
  • Click OK or Snooze message for x days to close the message.
  • This messaging feature is not linked to the "Enable Product Notifications" setting in System > Server Management > Default Settings. It is mandatory for eligible customers.

Bug Fixes


  • Removed an unused openSSL library from the agent installation directory.
  • Fixed an issue where /v switch in an agent install package was not respected when deploying to a VDI environment.

Datto BCDR

  • Fixed an issue where the Datto BCDR VSA module showed hidden appliances.
  • Fixed an issue where the Datto BCDR module would fail to load on some On-Prem installations, and the user would be redirected to the Agent tab.


  • Improved error messaging in Audit Log if Domain Watch fails to create a VSA user due to role user limit exceeded.
  • Fixed an issue where a merged device would be assigned the wrong IP address.
  • Fixed an issue where the Discovery > Domains > Computers page did not accurately reflect the computers that are included in Domain Watch Container or Computer policies
  • Fixed an issue where Network Scan events were duplicated in Discovery > Administration > Audit Log.
  • Fixed an issue where VSA users could not be created from harvested Azure user accounts if with a space in the display name.

IT Complete 

  • The login page will no longer automatically re-direct to KaseyaOne after an error occurs during IT Complete login so that a user can still log in using their native VSA credentials. Clicking the "Log in with IT Complete" button will re-initiate the re-direction.

IT Glue Integrations 

  • Fixed an issue where Quick View buttons were not displayed for agents linked to IT Glue credentials where the username contains special characters.

Live Connect

  • Fixed an issue where the user was not getting an option to sign in or close the error window after entering invalid credentials when connecting to Linux Machine over SSH.
  • Fixed an issue where the registry editor failed to display the last item in a long list of subkeys.
  • Fixed an issue where the Application Event log failed to open for Windows 11 machines.

Live View

  • Fixed an issue where LiveView would fail to load for some Windows agents.


  • Fixed an issue where the Monitor Sets list was empty for exporting in Import Center > Exports.
  • Fixed an issue where alarms were not created when new devices were discovered by Network Discovery.
  • Fixed an issue where an "Oops" error would be displayed when trying to bulk delete alarms.
  • Fixed an issue in Monitor > Agent Monitor > Alerts page which displayed an "Oops" error message when script action is configured.

Platform Stability

  • Fixed an issue with the processing of agent procedures where the agent was offline at the scheduled time and the "skip if offline" option was checked in the schedule.

Policy Management 

  • Fixed an issue where Software Management Policy Objects were not applied using correct precedence rules where multiple Policies are assigned to the same machine.

Service Desk 

  • Fixed an issue where Service Desk added 5 mins delay to emails generated by system events even when the user/role delay was changed.

Software Management 

  • Fixed an issue where machines with Pending Actions view filter was not reflecting the actual status.
  • Fixed an issue where Software Management > Machines page would not display any machines in some circumstances.
  • Fixed the Agent Status column filter on Software Management > Management > Vulnerabilities page.
  • Fixed the counter of patches to be deployed in the Deploy Patches dialog on Software Management > Management > Vulnerabilities page.
  • Fixed an issue where agents were not updating the next scheduled deployment dates when the "Skip if Offline" button was ticked in the deployment profile or scan & analysis profile.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate data on Software Management > Machines page.
  • Fixed an issue where changing a Deployment Profile schedule would trigger an immediate deployment under some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where patch deployments are not scheduled after applying Software Management profiles to machines using Policy Management.
  • Fixed an issue where an end user can adjust the Windows Update configuration set by a VSA administrator.


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