Release Notes - - 2023-03-16

New Feature

Calendar event notifications will allow users to receive calendar events to review due dates for engineer, vCIO, and for any strategy meetings, see Calendar Notifications


Updated the Edit review details page now includes due date fields to specify the review completion date for engineer and vCIO.

A notification is sent to the user who is assigned as vCIO.

If an engineer or vCIO were assigned to a review and later been deactivated, the Team members fields in the Review details side panel displays the text ‘Not assigned'.

Fixed Issues

Fixed the issue where the Add Client modal disappeared after refreshing the page.

Fixed the issue where the review due date on Alignment page was different from the date selected in the Review creation stage.

Fixed the issue in the Client Groups page where the Filter button border was not visible after entering text in the Search text field. 

Fixed the issue where the Home page was displayed after click on browser back from View Assets presentation.

Fixed the error "Cannot read properties of null" that appeared after clicking Add Question under Add Standard when the creation of previous question was not complete.

Fixed the issue of different font sizes for Back to recommendation on Findings and Assets in the meeting presentation.

Fixed the issue where the linked opportunity was not displayed when created together with the first recommendation for the client from the Finding sidebar.

Fixed the error 'Cannot read properties of null (reading 'from')' which appeared when switched client while the Findings sidebar was kept open.

Fixed the issue on a review created where VCIO Due Date was earlier than the Engineer Due Date.

Fixed the error that appeared when the Autotask ticket was not created where the Medium priority on Autotask side was inactive.

Fixed an error that appeared when IT Glue item was added to recommendations or when Assets tab was opened and scrolled.

Fixed display issues in the Create Meeting sidebar that appeared when the client started meeting presentation.

Updated the appropriate font height and weight for Title, Attendees and Location field in the Create Meeting sidebar.

Fixed the error 'Engineer due date cannot be after vCIO due date' that appeared when attempted to update a completed review.



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