Configure RocketCyber Agent for VDI Environments



The RocketCyber agent identifies devices through a fingerprint mechanism where it will collect various attributes about a device such as hostname, MAC address, hardware serial numbers etc and create a unique fingerprint hash to identify the device across install and uninstalls of an agent.


This technique is extremely useful for traditional hardware devices such as laptops, desktops and servers but has disadvantages for Virtual Desktop Environments. In VDI environments multiple virtual machines are based on a hardware image so fingerprinting is not a unique indicator.


Modifying Device Fingerprint Behavior

For VDI environments we recommend using the following configuration guidance on the "Gold" image for VDI clients.


1. Install the RocketCyber agent on the "Gold" image.

2. Immediately stop the agent using the Service Control Manager or from cmd.exe line as Administrator run : 

                   sc stop rocketagent

3. Edit the rocketagent.ini file in the C:\Program Files\RocketAgent directory

4. At the end of the rocketagent.ini file after the [agent] section remove the following lines:



5. Add the following line after the [agent] section header


5. Save the changes to the file.


Once these changes are made, VDI clients will register uniquely using the hostname without relying on hardware fingerprinting.





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