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How to setup Endpoint Backup email alerts

Email alerts are not a native feature of the Endpoint Backup portal however, there is a way to get email alerts when endpoints do not complete a backup within X number of days.


EndPoint Backup customers can be integrated into BackupIQ, a feature/function of the UniView Backup Portal (2.0). Essentially, Endpoint Backup customers are added as Organizations under the BackupIQ Custom Thresholds sections of the UniView Backup Portal.

Detailed instructions are found in the Endpoint Backup Guide.

First, set up the integration between Endpoint Backup and the UniView Backup Portal following the steps on page 111 of the Endpoint Backup Guide.

Once the integration is set up, follow the steps on page 116 to enable Custom Thresholds for Endpoint Backup for each customer.

Note: This integration does NOT add anything to the front page of the UniView Backup portal (2.0).


Email notifications are configurable in the UniView Backup Portal under the Settings menu. See page 123 of the Endpoint Backup Guide for details instructions.

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