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How Do I Set up K1 SSO Login for my BullPhish ID Organization

KaseyaOne is the customer portal and central hub for all products that belong to the Kaseya IT Complete portfolio. This article focuses on unified single sign-on, and how to add KaseyaOne to BullPhish ID.


How To Enable Unified Single Sign On for BullPhish ID


  • To Enable KaseyaOne unified single sign-on, also known as unified login, you must be an administrator for both BullPhish ID and KaseyaOne.
  • You must have login credentials for BullPhish ID and KaseyaOne. If you do
    not have them, contact your administrator.
  • You should have added 2FA to both BullPhish ID and KaseyaOne.
  • To use KaseyaOne unified login, you must be one of the following users:
    • Partner Admin
    • Partner Agent
  • You must have the same email address for BullPhish ID and KaseyaOne accounts

Important: Only one Partner Organization can be linked to a KaseyaOne account.


  1. Log into BullPhish ID using your credentials.
  2. Enter your verification code.Screenshot_2023-03-07_152318.png
  3. On your Organization's Dashboard, select Partner Settings.Screenshot_2023-03-07_152813.png
  4. The Settings page is displayed with the Authentication tab selected. Click the Enable KaseyaOne SSO toggle.Screenshot_2023-03-07_153646.png
  5. After the toggle has been clicked, you are automatically redirected to KaseyaOne's Login page. Enter your KaseyaOne credentials along with the verification code.  Screenshot_2023-03-07_154650.pngScreenshot_2023-03-07_154803.png
  6. After you have logged into KaseyaOne, you are redirected back to BullPhish ID's Authentication tab. The Enable KaseyaOne SSO toggle is activated. A message is displayed indicating that logging in with KaseyaOne is successfully enabled.  Screenshot_2023-03-07_155010.png
  7. Log out of BullPhish ID. In the upper-right corner, select My Account > Log Out.Screenshot_2023-03-07_155600.png
  8. To use the new KaseyaOne single sign on, go to the BullPhish ID Login page, select Login with KaseyaOne. Screenshot_2023-03-07_160304.png

To learn more about KaseyaOne or unified single sign-on, visit the KaseyaOne Help Desk page.

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