03/03/2023 - Dark Web ID v2.13.00

This release includes the following improvements. 


User Interface Improvements 

UI has been refreshed according to Kaseya standards to provide a better user experience and simplify UX across products.

  • Some enhancements and adjustments have been made to the KaseyaOne workflow. 
  • Improvements include minor enhancements to the toggle button on the My Organization page.
    • Enable the toggle button to log in via the KaseyaOne. This will enable your users to access all single sign-on features of KaseyaOne. Once you enable the toggle, the page redirects you to log in via the KaseyaOne.


    • Disable the toggle button to disable user login via the KaseyaOne. This will disable your users from accessing all single sign-on features of KaseyaOne.


  • Removed Enable login with KaseyaOne and Disable login with KaseyaOne buttons on the Users page and Menu, as users can access KaseyaOne login automatically.



To learn more about these features, please refer to the following Kaseya Knowledge base article that walks you through a step-by-step process for DarkWeb ID Integration guide for Single Sign-on from KaseyaOne – Kaseya


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