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02/23/2023 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.73

This release includes improvements and fixes.


The Recipients page is completely redesigned

  • To improve overall flow of creating phishing campaigns, we have made significant UI enhancements, and functional adjustments to the Recipients step in Create Phishing Campaign. 
    • The entire Recipients step has been reworked. The + Add Organization button has been replaced with the Organizations dropdown, which you can use to select multiple organizations that will appear on the table below.  


    • Click Organizations dropdown to view the list of organizations.


    • Organizations selected within the Organizations dropdown will appear on the table below.
    • Each row on the table will display the organization selected, a dropdown for groups unique to the organization, and a dropdown to select a time zone. 

Note: Time Zone is automatically set to the time zone of the user creating the campaign. 

Groups dropdown now includes the number of users receiving the campaign for each group. 

  • The Add Organization Warning modal window has been replaced with an Informational banner. When numerous organizations are added within the recipients step, an informational banner with the following message appears at the top of the page: By adding organization(s), You can only access global and custom kits available to the selected organization(s). 


To learn more about these features, please refer to the following Kaseya Knowledge base article that walks you through a step-by-step process for creating a phishing campaign.

User interface improvements 

UI has been refreshed according to Kaseya standards to provide a better user experience and simplify UX across products.

  • Improvements include minor UI enhancements and functional adjustments to the BullPhish ID Login screen. 

Note: These UI changes have caused the IT Complete name to be updated to KaseyaOne throughout the application. 


  • The Guides module on the left navigation panel has been updated. The BullPhish ID Kaseya helpdesk page will open in a new tab when you click the Guides button; here, you can discover User Guides, Safelisting Guides, Release Notes, Bulletin Newsletters, and more. 


  • On the Targets page's Import Targets modal, the Import CSV Template button has been added. The user is given a CSV containing the necessary outline for importing targets to BullPhish ID via the import CSV functionality. Check the link to learn about Import CSV button. 


  • A new button for exporting sending domains is now included on the Sending Domains page. Click this button to download a CSV of every sending domian from your organization, along with their verification status. To access this functionality, log into BullPhish ID, select Settings on the left navigation panel >Sending Domains> Export Sending Domains.



  • Fixed an issue where email templates were not saving CSS styles.
  • Before this update, phishing campaigns created on weekends were unaffected by the Skip Weekends functionality. Campaign start dates are now appropriately configured. 

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