How to remove an individual group from Active Directory Sync?

This article will help you delete groups created on BullPhish ID from a directory sync.

You can edit or remove an individual group from an active directory sync on the Directories page: 

1. Log in to the BullPhish ID portal.

2. Go to Target & Groups Directories. 


3. Remove the synced group on the edit directory page. This will allow you to edit or delete a group from the Groups page, as the only option a user has on the Groups page while a group is synchronized with an active directory is to view the group.



  • Select the Organization the group is associated with from the Directories table. 


  • On the Synced Groups table, identify the group and click the x button to remove the sync.

Important: This group is still available on the Groups page and can now be managed manually.  


  • The following warning message appears on the screen. Click Confirm to continue:


4. After successfully removing the connection between the group and Active Directory, you will see Edit and Delete icons once you return to the Groups page:


  • Click the Edit icon to edit the group name and Apply changes.


  • Click the Delete icon to delete the group. 



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