02/06/2023 - Dark Web ID v2.11.00

This release includes the following improvements and fixes. 


  • The individual breach entity page has been updated with accurate breach identification. 

User Interface Improvements 

UI has been refreshed according to Kaseya standards to provide a better user experience and simplify UX across products.

  • Improvements include minor UI enhancements and functional adjustments to the Dark Web ID Login screen. 

    • Log In with IT Complete updated with Log In with KaseyaOne along with the icons.
    • In addition, Learn More about KaseyaOne link has been added to the screen. 

Note: With these UI changes, the IT Complete name has been updated with KaseyaOne in the entire application. 


  • User tables for MMEs and Activity logs tables for MSPs have been redesigned.
    • Users table for MSPs:
      • The table received a layout upgrade. The look and feel of the Status column have been improved.


    • Activity logs table for MMEs:
      • Updated table view and Export CSV button. In addition, we added pagination; now page will display a recent activity list.


  • Dashboard icons have been changed:
    • The upload arrow button was updated with the Upload icon.
    • More information icon updated with Info icon.

To test it, login as Partner Admin > My Organization on the top menu > Dashboard.


  • Fixed rare issues with specific symbols related to obfuscation compromises password.

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