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The following are some of the most commonly asked questions on deletion in BMS and their best practices:

1. Can I delete an invoice?

No, you cannot. The best practice is to void the invoice.

2. Can I delete an account?

You cannot if it has financial records or contacts or tickets associated with it. The best practice is to mark the account as inactive so it does not affect the day-to-day business process and related data can be retained for future references.

3. Can I delete a contact?

Yes, you can if the contact does not have any associated tickets, invoices, quotes or logs in the system.

4. Can I delete a quote?

Yes, you can irrespective of any status unless you have a project, sales order or contract associated.

5. Can I delete a sales order?

Yes, you can unless it is in posted status. If the sales order has been moved to posted status, the only option is to mark it as void.

6. Can I delete a contract?

Yes, you can if the contract has no attached invoices or proration.

7. Can I delete a payment?

No, you cannot. You can only mark it as void.

8. Can I delete an employee?

No, you cannot. The best practice is to mark the employee as inactive.

9. Can I delete an inventory item?

No, you cannot if the item has any financial records such as quotations, invoices or sales orders associated with it or if the item has related stock adjustments.

10. Can I delete a stock adjustment?

Yes, you can if the status is new. You cannot if it is in any other status.

11. Can I delete a purchase order?

No, you cannot. The best practice is to void the purchase order.

12. Can I delete Service Desk admin items such as issue type, ticket type, queue, priority, SLA, ticket status or workflow?

No, you cannot.

13. Can I delete a used service or a billed service from a contract?

No, you cannot. The best practice is to make the unit count zero.

Note: Any item in the system that has related financial data cannot be deleted due to security concerns. 





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