Jan 24, 2023

The January 24, 2023 Release includes 2 fixes:


  • Resolved an issue where Office 365 account mailboxes would not populate all mailboxes in a timely manner after initial connection is made
  • Resolved an issue where Datto EDR Monitor events "Data" section was displayed as a string instead of objects, making it difficult to easily review.  The data will now be displayed in proper object format




Important Note:  Next week, we will be releasing an updated and refactored Webroot monitor integration. The new integration will reduce the amount of API calls needed and will move to a notification model where calls will only be made if new events need to be collected.  If you are using the Webroot monitor, you will need to modify one setting in your Webroot console for the integration user, and re-authenticate your integration in RocketCyber.  Instructions will be provided with the release notes next Tuesday, January 31st. This note is only to serve as advance notification so you will be prepared.

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