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KaseyaOne Release 1.10.0 - 1/23/2023


  • Cooper’s Email Brief is here. Cooper will be sending you updates about your KaseyaOne activity like your progress on Cooper Insights right to your inbox. You can choose how frequently you would like to receive the brief, either daily or weekly, and which day of the week, from the Cooper Email Brief tab on your Profile Settings page. As we add more content, you will be able to choose which content is important to you.
  • New Time Zone settings. You can configure your Time Zone under the Profile tab so you can receive your Cooper’s Brief and any other KaseyaOne notifications at the right time.
  • Bookmark you Company Specific Login URL. Now you can access your company’s KaseyaOne portal directly by bookmarking the Company Login URL located on the Profile tab of your Profile Settings page. There’s no need to enter your company name, just your username and password.
  • Added the Kaseya Store link. You can now access the Kaseya Store right from the Left Navigation Menu. You will only see this if you are a Master or Billing user.



  • Automatic Account Registration Link Renewal. If your registration link has expired, if it is within 30 days of receiving it, you will automatically receive a new link.


  • Apply Saved Changes Popup. The popup you see when you navigate away from the Security tab asking if you want to apply the changes made to the IP Access List now only appears if you have edited the list and have not enabled the feature before leaving the page.

  • Cooper Learning Tab score is 0%. Fixed a bug where the score for the Learning tab on the Cooper page would show 0% until it was clicked on. It is now visible at all times.
  • 2FA Codes not working. Fixed an issue where the 2FA code was not being accepted randomly from apps like DUO. There was a timing issue with the server and it has been resolved.

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