Why can't I set up my KaseyaOne 2FA using Microsoft Authenticator on iOS?

There is a known issue with the Microsoft Authenticator app on the iOS platform. When using this app to scan the QR code during the 2FA setup, the Microsoft Authenticator app may present a message that says, "This action will overwrite existing security information for your account: name@company.com. To prevent being locked out of your account, continue only if you initiated this action from a trusted source." with the option to Cancel or Continue. 



If you click Continue, you will overwrite an existing 2FA account (like your Microsoft or IT Glue 2FA) and it will not only break your access to that account but also will not allow you to log into KaseyaOne.

Follow the steps below to add the KaseyaOne 2FA account manually:

  1. On the KaseyaOne Set Up 2FA page with the QR code, click the Can't scan? link in step 2.
  2. You will be provided with a long code.
  3. Then open the Microsoft Authenticator app, select the + (Add account) icon in the upper right, and then select Other (Google, Facebook, etc.).

  4. Select Or enter code manually at the bottom of the screen.

    Screen for scanning a QR code

  5. Now enter the code from Step 2, and then select Finish.

  6. The Accounts screen of the app shows you your account name and a verification code.

  7. Now in KaseyaOne, enter the 2FA code you see for your KaseyaOne account in the Microsoft Authenticator app in field 3. Enter the code generated by the app and click Next.

  8. If the code is correct, you will see a screen that says Success.
  9. Click Done and you will be automatically logged into KaseyaOne.


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