Release Notes - - 2023-01-18

New Feature

2FA is required for all users to log in to myITprocess. For more information, see 2FA via Authentication App.

Fixed Issues

Fixed an error that was displayed sometimes after removing client name from the Client field on the Add review details page.

Fixed the issue where the Home menu item illuminated with a blue background.

Fixed the issue where the months were not visible in the calendars for the From and To fields in the Budget Report.

Fixed the issue where some organizations were still displayed as being linked to the clients even after the client mapping was removed.

Fixed the issue where recommendations on the strategic roadmap were not displayed until being hovered.

Fixed an error that displayed when creating new tags with the name of a deleted tag on the standards library.

Fixed some core logic for the enhanced user workflow and answering of questions.


Enhanced syncing of IT Glue organizations on the Setup Clients page and Add from IT Glue pop-up window.

Increased capacity for loading of organizations on the Add from IT Glue pop-up window.

Added a 'New' tag for any newly-created IT Glue organizations on the Setup Clients page.

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