McAfee/MX Safelisting Guide

How to set up safelisting in McAfee/MX Logic?

This article shows you how to safelist Bullphish ID addresses within McAfee and/or MX Logic so that phishing and training emails can reach users. 

The below steps show you how to modify your policy-level Allowed Senders list. This policy allows inbound mail originating from those IP addresses to bypass the spam and content filters in McAfee/MX Logic.

  1. Log into the Control Console.

  2. Select the Email Protection tab.

  3. Select the Policies tab.

  4. Select the inbound policy you want to change and click on Edit.

  5. Click on the Allow/Deny tab.

  6. Add our IP addresses to the Add Address box.

  7. We recommend checking the Bypass attachment policy. This will allow you to send phishing tests with attachments in them.

  8. Click on the Add button.

  9. Click on Save. There could be a significant delay (up to 20 minutes) for the changes.

If you run into issues whitelisting Bullphish ID in McAfee/MXLogic, we recommend reaching out to McAfee/MX Logic for specific instructions. You can also contact our support team whenever you need assistance.

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