01/12/2023 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.70

This release includes several improvements and fixes.


  • The Deploy Phishing Campaign Recipient Groups dropdown functionality has been improved. Now you can see the specific number of groups you have selected from the drop down.  Once you select all groups, you can still deselect one or more groups from the list. 
  • If you select a list of 100 groups, the checkboxes will get disabled, and you will see the following message: The max number of groups have been selected. To add more groups for this organization, please create a new campaign.


  • Updated landing page data (This is only a Test!) on the Phishing kit for the French language. You will now see the new title of a landing page displayed in French when you submit data. This is the default view for users using the French language.


Additionally, the date and time of the kit will be displayed in French for the French kits.


  • Some enhancements were done to the application to improve the overall performance of Campaign statistics for the View all phishing and Training campaigns pages.

UI Improvements

For a better user experience, the Edit Directories and Passly Integration pages have been redesigned. In addition, new action buttons have been added to the application. 

The Edit Directories page UI improvements include the following:

  1. The Name was updated to Group Name.
  2. The Enter Group Name field column has been updated to Enter a New Group Name.


The Passly Integration page UI improvements include the following:

  1. Added additional Information icons to the Host and Domain name with specific template data fields. 
  2. Updated ID and Key name fields.



  • This release restricts access to the organization settings page for SMB standard user roles. When an SMB standard user account logs into the BullPhish ID dashboard, the user cannot see Actions with the dropdown Organization Settings.
    • Note: Read-only users are not allowed to view information of other SMB users.

Safelisting guide updates 

The following safelisting guides have been added to the BullPhish ID Portal under the Guides section. These guides are also available in the Kaseya Knowledge base helpdesk. 

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