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01/05/2023 - Dark Web ID v2.09.00

This release includes the following new features, improvements, and fixes. 

New Features

Dark Web ID Integration with KEAP

We have introduced the “KEAP Integration” feature to the application. This feature is available for the Partner Admin user role. With successful integration, MSPs can streamline the live data search process by allowing potential clients to request a scan making prospecting easier. 

Note: Your Dark Web ID user account must be configured to allow integration access. 

  • Log into the Dark Web ID portal and click Integrations. You can see the new additional tab, KEAP. To begin integration, connect Integration.


This step will prompt you to log into your Keap account so that you can approve the integration’s access.


To learn more about the integration, please review the following Kaseya Knowledge base article that walks you through a step-by-step process of Dark Web ID integration with Keap.


This release redesigned the Users and Organizations pages to streamline the user experience and present data in an easier-to-digest format.

User Interface Improvements 

For a better user experience, the Users and Organizations pages have been redesigned. In addition, new action buttons have been added to the application. 

The Users page improvements include the following features:

  1. The Users page has been completely redesigned. In addition, to position + Add New User name updated to New User.
  2. The Operations column has been updated to Status with a toggle option and three vertical dots menu.
  3. We redesigned the table pagination. Now you will see pagination with the previous and next arrow buttons and some numbers aligned on the bottom left corner of the screen.


The Organizations page improvements include the following features:

  1. The Organizations page has been completely redesigned. In addition, to position+ Add New MME and +Add New SMB moved to a new Add dropdown button.
  2. The table received a layout upgrade. The table column names have been updated, introduced new icons under the BullPhish ID column, and changed the look and feel of the search bar.
  3. We redesigned the table pagination. 



  • Some enhancements were done to the IT Glue integration to import organization and domain successfully. 
  • Export all compromises of an organization entries to CSV is now limited to 60K.


  • Fixed incorrect date range settings in PDF reports. Users can accurately view the selected date range on the Organizations dashboard page and the PDF report when they click the Print Report button.
  • A discrepancy in counts of monitored values was fixed for the following report types QBR and MBR.

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