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01/05/2023 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.69

This release includes new features and improvements.

New Features 

The Dashboard page is now completely redesigned

To improve user experience, we have made significant UI enhancements and functional adjustments to the Dashboard page under the Dashboard module. Dashboard.png

The new Dashboard page updates include the following:

  • Newly added License Consumption cards for MSPs to see how many Phishing and Training licenses have been consumed or remain.Dashbaord__Liscense_Consumption_Cards.png
  • A new widget feature has been added to the Dashboard page. The currently available widgets are graphs that have been updated to a new horizontal format:
    • Phishing Simulation Campaigns
    • Training & Awareness Campaigns
    • Phishing Simulation Results
    • Training & Awareness Course Results Dashboards_Graphs.png
  • You can now view your SMB, MME, or MSP organizations via a dropdown menu located on the upper left of the page.Dashbaord_Organizations.png
  • You can add an SMB on the MSP/MME Organization page.
  • You can view a specific organization settings or edit an SMB on the organization's specific dashboard on the upper right of the page.

To learn more about these features and more, please review the following Kaseya Knowledge base article that guides you through a detailed walk-through of the Dashboard & Organization pages. 

New Organizations page is now live

In addition to the Dashboard UI improvements, a new module is now live for all MSP & MME organizations: the Organizations page lists all SMBs associated within the MSP or MME organizations for a better UI experience.Organizations_Page.png

You can now edit the items listed below for both MSP and MME organizations, all on one page:

  • Phishing and Training: You can provide access to the Phishing Simulation and Training & Awareness modules using the toggle switch. 
  • Users Limit: You can set the number of users you would like to access your client SMB portal. 
    • If your user limit is zero, you cannot allow any SMB user to log in to the BullPhish ID portal. Make sure to increase the user limit to >= 1. 
  • Employee Count: Provide the employee count. You can select ranges from 1 to 251+. 
  • Industry: Select the type of industry of the SMB. 
  • Status: Activate or deactivate your SMB organizations.
  • Edit: You can edit your SMB organization's name using the pencil icon when hovering over your SMB.
  • Delete: You can delete your organization using the trash icon when hovering over your SMB.Untitled_design__8_.png

Important: Once you finish editing, click Save on the bottom of the page to action changes.

When MSPs with an MME organization under their umbrella land on the Organizations page, they will see two tabs: one named  My Organizations (for the SMB organizations under the MSP) and one named MME (for the SMB organizations under the MME).Untitled_design__10_.png


On the MME tab, you can select your MME organization via the dropdown menu on the upper left to see the SMB organizations under that MME. Untitled_design__11_.png

To learn more about these features and more, please review the following Kaseya Knowledge base article that guides you through a detailed walk-through of the Dashboard & Organization pages. 

Cooper Insight Updates

A new cooper insight has been added to your KaseyaOne dashboard. Users with IT Glue and BullPhish ID accounts will receive a new cooper insight: Expedite client onboarding by easily importing or syncing organizations from IT Glue to BullPhish ID.

This insight will encourage BullPhish ID users to create an integration with IT Glue to pull existing customer organizations from IT Glue to streamline the organization creation process and management in BullPhish ID.Cooper_Insight_ITG.png


SMB Privileged Users can now create training courses via the Training Courses module.Untitled_design__12_.png

The Date Picker widget has been improved for the search bar on the View All Campaigns page. You can now select an exact date range either using the calendar or the options under Date within. Once a date range is selected, the View All Campaigns page will filter the campaigns within the selected time frame. 

Partner Administrators and Privileged Users now have access to the HTML source code of email templates when creating phishing kits for their organizations. This will give users more freedom when creating customized phishing emails. Untitled_design__13_.png








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