Dec 21, 2022

The December 21, 2022 release includes the following  features and fixes:


Simplified Datto EDR integration workflow

 Previously, the Datto EDR integration required that you set up a webhook in Datto EDR to send the data to RocketCyber. Now, the integration will create its own webhook during the authentication process, and you will only need to authenticate and map customers.

The Knowledge Base article has been updated with the new workflow.



 - Resolved an intermittent issue where some Datto EDR events could not be ingested into the customer they were mapped to. Note: RMM Integrated Datto EDR accounts will have their webhooks updated on Thurs, Dec 22 and events moving forward should populate in RocketCyber- no action should be required on your part.

- Resolved an issue where View Details on an incident created by Defender for Business could not be opened.

-Resolved an issue where the population of monitored O365 mailboxes in RocketCyber could be delayed when after authenticating with the Microsoft tenant

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