Deploying diagnostic WMI Query Daemon

  • Stop the WMI Query Daemon (QD) component from the Traverse Service Controller
  • Copy TRAVERSE_HOME\bin\nvwmiqd.exe and nvwmiqd.pdb files to an alternate directory,  where 'TRAVERSE_HOME' is the installation folder for Traverse, or the WMI Proxy (WMI Tools)
  • Unzip  new copies of the .exe and .pdb files from archive
  • If requested by Support, Enable application dumps on the DGE server
  • Enable TRACE level logging in the file TRAVERSE_HOME\etc\nvwmiqd.ini:
           ; log level (FATAL,ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE)
           Level = TRACE
  • Start the WMI QD component from the Traverse Service Controller


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