Patch | Executive Summary not Rendering


Patch (Released March 30th, 2017), introduced a problem which causes the Executive Summary report to not function. 


The Executive Summary is now pulling data from Software Management, but the module is not installed. This issue was not resolved in patch release Please use temporary workaround until the fix is released in

Temporary Fix (Workaround)

For those customers who have already applied patch and use the Executive Summary report, please follow the below steps to temporarily remediate the issue:

Step 1 - Rename the current (X):\Kaseya\WebPages\ReportsTab\runexecsumreport.asp to (X):\Kaseya\WebPages\ReportsTab\runexecsumreport.smbak or .smold 

Step 2 - Obtain a copy of runexecsumreport.asp from a system with Alternatively, please download the attached file (runExecSumReport.asp.txt). Please make sure to remove the extension .txt from the file once downloaded. 

Step 3 - Place it in the appropriate directory (X):\Kaseya\WebPages\ReportsTab\runExecSumReport.asp

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