Running SQL scripts


Occasionally, Kaseya Support will ask you to run certain SQL script/s. The script will be provided to you as an attachment on the Support ticket. 

Please download and unzip the attachment provided to you on the Support ticket.
Please substitute mysql.sql below with the actual name of the script after unzip.
Please substitute TRAVERSE_HOME with your Traverse installation directory
Should there be an error when running the script, please copy and paste the execution results on the ticket

For Windows:

  • Open an elevated command prompt (using 'Run as administrator')
  • Navigate to C:\Temp (or the directory of your choosing where the script is unzipped) and run
  •  cd C:\Temp
  • TRAVERSE_HOME\bin\dgedb.init.cmd admin dge < mysql.sql

For Linux:

  • Navigate to /tmp  (or the directory of your choosing where the script is unziped) and run
  •  cd /tmp
  • TRAVERSE_HOME/etc/dgedb.init admin dge < mysql.sql 
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