BMS HR Employees | BMS is not sending password reset emails


After using the password reset option, you do not receive an email to complete the password reset.


The reset password email was not sent due to wrong outbound email configurations.

Basically, the issue is because BMS is trying to use a personal email as the outbound relay SMTP, however, the reset password email will try to send it from the company business email.

To test this and see if it is indeed the problem, do the following:

  1. Turn off Custom SMTP Settings.
  2. Try to Reset Password - if the password is received, it means that the problem is indeed the SMTP Settings.

Additionally, the following website will allow the SMTP server to be tested: SMTPer


In order to fix this, the following will need to be done:

  1. Navigate to Admin > My Company > Company Settings > Outbound Email.
  2. Change the SMTP Username from the personal email (eg. being used to the business email (eg. and change the password as well.
  3. Test Connection and Save.
  4. Try to reset a password - it should work fine now.

If the personal email needs to be used as the SMTP username, then you will need to change the email address of the company to be the personal email.

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