Tests not getting monitored when creating a new Department

Note: Affected Version is Traverse 9.5.026. This is a workaround and a resolution in software is expected soon.


Problem: Test Results are Unreachable in a New Department. 


Issue: After discovering and provisioning the tests in the standard way, you might happen to see - 




Reason: There is a problem reported with the Default Schedule in Traverse 9.5.026



 Step 1 - Represent to the Department in question

 Step 2 - Create a New Test Schedule

  • Select Administration > Other > Custom Schedules.
  • On the Manage Schedules page, click Create a schedule.
  • On the Create Schedule page, enter a Schedule Name and, optionally, a Schedule Description. Then select the hours of the day on those days of the week on which you want this schedule to run. You can select or clear an entire row or column at a time by clicking the row or column header.
  • In this case, we would recommend not to make any changes, other then Schedule Name and Schedule Description.
  • Selecting the check box for an hour means all minutes in that hour, e.g. 5:00 to 5:59.
  • Click Create Schedule.


 Step 3 - Navigate to Administration > Devices and select the Device whose test(s) you want to schedule. Go to Update Existing Tests. Select all the tests. 


Navigate to Administration > Tests and select all the Tests for all the Devices in the Department.

 Step 4 - Click on Bulk Edit Icon, check the Test Schedule and select the new schedule from the Test Schedule list that you created  

 Step 5 - Apply the selected Test Schedule and Schedule column on Test Management page would start reflecting the New Test Schedule

 Step 6 - Navigate to Status > Devices. Device status would turn to Online and Test Result Status would turn OK after the next poling cycle.




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