I am a Microsoft CSP, How Do I Authenticate My Azure Subscriptions To Unigma?


I am a Microsoft CSP, how do I authenticate my azure subscriptions to Unigma?



When you are an Tier 1 CSP, any new Customer you create in PartnerCenter automatically creates a tenant directory in Azure AD, and creates an empty Azure subscription. The challenge is, how do we authenticate and add this subscription to Unigma? 

Note: You can NOT use the CSP admin account to properly authenticate your tenant to Unigma. Here is an article explaining CSP Security in detail.

The correct way is to use an account with an Owner role (can be switched down to Contributor or Reader afterwards). You may have an Owner role account in this tenant's AD already, and it’s OK to use this one.

Or, you can always use admin@customername.onmicrosoft.com which is generated during the customer creation process in PartnerCenter.


If you didn't catch the password, you can always reset it in PartnerCenter by going to : “Customers” => “<the customer >” => “Users and licenses” and then choose the account  to reset the password.


You can now use this account to add your Azure tenant to Unigma. Happy clouding!

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