How Do I Use Partner Billing To Bill For AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Consumption?

Partner Billing is a new Report type to allow you to bill your customers for their cloud consumption. You can bill for 1 or more cloud accounts on the same bill. 

AWS has the most available options, and requires an S3 Bucket to be configured for this cloud account prior to starting this process, otherwise AWS billing will not be possible.

  • From the Reports screen choose Partner Billing Report
  • Name your report, select Frequency (if using AWS, we recommend setting the report for the 5th of each month, or later)
  • Enter the Bill-To customer info (this will appear on the invoice)
  • Click Next
  • On the next screen, select Customers and Cloud Accounts to bill. You can select multiple cloud accounts and they will be presented in separate sections on the same invoice.
  • If you selected an AWS account, you may be presented with an option to Associate Linked Accounts. Here, we will present your available Linked Accounts from AWS, and ask you to associate them to a Unigma cloud account. Please make sure these are added, this will allow to match up the billing correctly.
  • Add Due Date, Custom Line Items, Taxes, Cost Type (for AWS, Blended or Unblended), select if you’d like to suppress AWS support costs
  • Click Save, report will run in about 15 minutes


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