How Do I Add Azure to Unigma?


How do I add Azure to Unigma?



Adding Azure is easy, here are the steps:

First, please follow these instructions to make sure Azure Diagnostics is enabled on all of your VMs in Azure. Also, please note, the Azure AD user you use to authenticate with should be an Owner Role, more information on Azure AD Role Based Access here. After your account is added, you can switch the role to Contributor (if using any Automation) or Reader (for Read-Only access) roles. 

For instructions for Azure EA, read here. For Azure CSP, read here. To learn about adding your Partner Center keys, read here.

1. Go to Settings

2. If needed, Add a new Customer

3. Next, click Edit next to the Customer you want to add Azure to

4. Click Add Cloud Account

5. Enter the Tenant Name (here is how to find it)

6. Click Authenticate


After that you will be taken to a Microsoft page to sign in, please authenticate, and you will be returned to Unigma

7. Select the Account you want to monitor by selecting On

8. Finally, add the Offer Number for the subscription - Offer Numbers can be located here

9. Click Connect


10. Enter account name

11. Enter 1-30 minutes or select 0 (for off updating) update frequency and any application Monitoring Templates

12. Click Create, and you are done!



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