How Do I Set Up ConnectWise Billing Integration?

  1. Configure Integrator Credentials

- Open your ConnectWise desktop client

- Go to "System" -> "Setup Tables"

- Find table with name "Integrator"


- Provide integrator Username and Password

- Enable Service Ticket API, Company API and Reporting API. Use localhost as Callback URL.


  1. Creating an integrator login in ConnectWise 

- Open your ConnectWise desktop client

- Go to "My Account"

- Go to "API Keys" TAB and click Plus button


- Fill Description and click "Save"

- Use Public Key and Private Key for Unigma Integration


Information: One ConnectWise agreement maps with one Unigma Customer/Project

  1. Add Integration to Unigma

- Open Unigma

- Go to "Settings" -> "Integrations"

- Click "Add" for ConnectWise integration 

- Provide your ConnectWise Endpoint URL

- Input your ConnectWise credentials

- Click "Save"


- Click "Configure Billing" button for ConnectWise integration. Map Unigma Account to ConnectWise Agreement, then select Product Settings for ConnectWise Agreement.


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