How Do I Set Up AuthAnvil Integration with Unigma?

Manage Users and Groups

  1. Open your AuthAnvil account
  2. Go to “Directory Manager” -> “Users”
  3. Click the "Plus" to add new Users if you need (match Unigma users' email address)


  1. Go to “Directory Manager” -> “Groups”
  2. Click the "Plus" button to add new Group (name it Unigma)


  1. Click into the group, then click the pencil icon to Edit users
  2. Add Users from step 3 to Group


Manage Application

  1. Go to “SSO Manager” -> “Application Library”
  2. Click Plus button
  3. Select "Custom Application" then "Add new Application to the Library"


  1. Find Unigma in catalog
  2. Click on Unigma application item


  1. Application Configuration: 
  • You can change your application name if needed
  • "Authentication Policy" should be set Default Auth Policy 
  • Make sure that Application is Enabled


  1. Protocol Setup:
  • Change your domain on Unigma to "Reply To URL" and add "/api/auth/saml/login" to URL (<yourdomain>)
  • Change your domain on Unigma to "Audience URI"
  • Change "Token Lifetime" if needed
  • Open "Advanced Settings". Make sure that "Sign Token Response" and "Sign Assertion" are checked ON. You can change Signing Algorithm if needed


  1. Click "Add application"
  2. Go to "Permission" and add groups which can access this application and any user in that group or a descendent group can launch this application 
  3. Go to "Signing and Encryption" 
  4. Click "Copy" and save Signing Certificate to clipboard


Add Integration to Unigma

  1. Open Unigma
  2. Go to "Settings" -> "Integrations"
  3. Click “Add” button for SAML 2.0 Single Sign-on integration
  4. Provide your Identity Issuer (IdP EntityID)* url (see Protocol Setup in AuthAnvil)
  5. Provide your Audience (SP EntityID)* (see Protocol Setup in AuthAnvil account)
  6. Input your Signing Certificate to X.509 cert of the IdP (to check Signature)* 
  7. Click “Save”


Now, go to LaunchPad and use SSO.

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