How Do I Use Cost Savings? What Rules Are Available?

Cost Saver (part of Cost Analytics suite) allows you to help yourself and your customers save money on public cloud consumption. The rule engine looks at a number of metrics and statistic across your cloud accounts and provides recommendations and cost saving opportunities. 

To access Cost Saver, click Analyze on the top menu, then select Cost Savings from the left-hand menu. 

We brake out the rules into 4 categories. Here is an overview:

  • Unused Resources - these set of rules will help save money by terminating usused resources
  • Oversized Resources - these rules will help you "right-size" virtual machines and save money by maximizing resource utilization
  • Reservation Management (coming soon) - these rules will help manage and optimize AWS reservations
  • Best Practices - these rules will help keep to best practices and save money by utilizing less expensive resources

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