How Do I Work With Policy Templates?


How Do I Work With Policy Templates?


You are able to use Templates to easily assign default and custom Policies and make monitoring easier. 

Templates are available in 2 variations: 

  • Master - these are templates available to everyone and can not be edited
  • Tenant - these are templates you can create, edit and delete 

Templates can be assigned to any cloud account. It's best to create a Template for a specific set of resources, such as Azure VMs, AWS Storage, etc. This will it easier to manage. 

Here is how to work with Templates: 

  1. Go to Monitoring -> Templates
  2. Here you can Create New Template or Duplicate one of the Master templates to make it your own
  3. Once you have created a Template, click Add Template Policy, then create and save your first template Policy.
  4. Add as many Policies to your template as you would like.
  5. Now, go to Settings -> Customers, find the customer you want to assign the Template to, click Edit, find the cloud you want to assign the Template to, click Edit and select the Template to assign and Save.
  6. After you have Saved the cloud account, the Template has been copied and became Policies under Monitoring-Policies. Please review each template to assign Alert Action such as Notification or Escalation.



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