How Do I Use Platform Monitoring?


How do I use platform monitoring?



Platform monitoring allows you to monitor the status of the different services at AWS, Google and Azure clouds. To use platform monitoring:

  1. Go to Monitoring - Create Policy
  2. Give your policy a name
  3. Select the customer you wish to monitor, or All customers
  4. Select the cloud(s) you need to monitor
  5. On Step #2, select from the Services and Statuses you wish to get alerts for
  6. Select who you wish to be notified, and other available options 

Service Status key 

Service is operating normally 

  • AWS - Service is operating normally 
  • Azure - Good 
  • Google -  Normal Operations

Performance issues 

  • AWS - Performance issues
  • Azure – Warning
  • Google - n/a

Service disruption

  • AWS - Service disruption
  • Azure – Error
  • Google - Service Outage or Service Disruption 


  • AWS - Informational message
  • Azure – Information
  • Google - n/a

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