How Do I Add AWS To My Account

You will need to create a read-only account in AWS and enter the information into Unigma, for each of your customers' AWS accounts. Here is how to do it: 

  1. Connect to your Amazon AWS Management Consoleand go IAM (Identity And Access Management).
  2. Click on the “Create a New Group” button and follow the new group wizard:


  1. Enter the new group name: “unigma” and click “Next


  1. In the “Attach Policy” list find ReadOnlyAccess then click “Next
  2. Click "Create Group"
  3. The back to "Users" select "Add User"


  1. Enter “UnigmaReadOnly” as the username and make sure “Programmatic Access”is checked off.


  1. On the next screen, select "Add User To Group" and add the user to the "Unigma" group you created earlier, click "Next"
  2. On the next screen, click "Create User", then make sure to Download or note down the Secret Key and Access Key associated with that user.
  3. Make sure AWS Billing Alerts are enabled.


Now, come back into Unigma and perform these steps: 

  1. Click on your email address in the top right corner
  2. Click "Settings"and go to Customers/ProjectsTAB
  3. Click "Edit"next to the Customer to whom this AWS account belongs. If the customer does not yet exist, click "Add New Customer/Project"
  4. Once you are editing the Customer, click "Add Cloud Account"
  5. Select AWS, then start going through the wizard and enter the name of the cloud account, Access Key and Secret Key created in Step 5.
  6. Click "Next", and enter the name of the S3 Bucket containing Detailed Billing Reports (more info on how to set this up
  7. Click "Next", enter 1-30 minutes or select 0 (for off updating) update frequency and any application Monitoring Templates
  8. Click "Create"

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