How Do I Increase The AWS CloudWatch API Limits?

AWS places limits on the rate of requests made to the CloudWatch API. Unfortunately, these limits don't scale with the number of resources in use, so if you have a large number of resources to monitor, you will most probably run into the limit.

We adapt to this and take actions to retry the API call. However, in some cases, its best to ask AWS to increase the API call limit. Itā€™s a simple process, here is how:

  1. Login to the AWS Support portal
  2. Create Case
  3. Select Regarding - Service Limit Increase
  4. Limit Type - CloudWatch
  5. Region - select your region
  6. Limit - GetMetricStatistics
  7. New Limit Value - 3,000,000
  8. In the description, please use the following or similar: Please increase my CloudWatch API limits. I use Unigma which helps me monitor the health of my AWS resources, and we need to query with moreĀ GetMetricStatistics calls in order to maintain effective state across all my resources.


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