BMS/QuickBooks Sync Tool - Connection Failed Error

BMS/QuickBooks Sync Tool - Connection Failed! Error on

The credentials used for the BMS/QuickBooks Sync Tool should be the same as the credentials used for BMS itself. If you are still receiving the Connection Failed! error and you are certain the credentials are correct, then the following could be the issue.

When downloading the BMS/QuickBooks Sync Tool from, check to see if it is downloading from instead. Refer to the screenshot below.


This means that the BMS/QuickBooks Sync Tool is looking for the tenant on, but of course it is located on

To resolve this issue, Run the BMS/QuickBooks Sync Tool on your computer, start Task Manager and open the file location. Go to the exe.config file, and edit it so that the file is pointed toward instead of

Once this has been completed, and the credentials are correct, the issue should be resolved.

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