Issues to take care after upgrading from Traverse 7.0

1. Multiple read-write admin accounts are changed to "read-only" accounts after the upgrade.

Resolution is to change them to read-write accounts.

Login to your webapp as SuperUser.

Go to Administration >> Departments >> Users and make the changes as showcased on the screenshots below :





2. Several esx hosts would have the 'test auto-rediscovery' turned on.

Resolution is to disable the test rediscovery. [This would have been an issue, because major number of esx hosts generate high volume of alerts when the host was re-scanned]

From your EsX host uncheck the test rediscovery options. Follow the screenshots below :

From Administration >> Devices, Filter out the devices for ESX/VmWare by selecting the device type as shown.



Click on the device as shown in the example on the snapshot below :




You will be given with the another side-window, click on advanced and scroll to the bottom and un-check the "rediscovery".




If you continue to face issues after upgrade please raise a ticket with traverse support.


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