Preparing for your Kaseya Certified Administrator Exam

Please make sure to review the following checklist before taking your Exam.

  • Complete the required KCA Exam Prep and Overview within the Kaseya Certified Administrator Learning Materials Course.  This overview covers the information you need to know about the exam, how to access it, and what to expect.
  • Complete the KCA Practice Exam at least once. The practice exam will help familiarize you with the test format and the style of questions.
  • The exam will be enabled on the date and time you requested to take it. Once it is enabled, the exam will appear as Exam: Kaseya Certified Administrator within the My Courses listing in
  • Allow 2-3 hours for the Exam and Overview Material.
  • Once your exam is complete you will get a chance to review your questions. You must provide a screenshot of any questions you would like us to review.
  • Let us know once you have completed the exam by updating your ticket.


  • Requests for retakes or extensions to your KCA Learning Program can be sent to your Customer Success Representative. If you are unsure of your Rep’s contact information, send an email to
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